How to order

Step 1

Select the product you are wanting to purchase. (eg. Instagram Canvas Collage)

Step 2

Once you have selected your product option you will be prompted to select either quantity or layout. (eg. Landscape or collage) Select the desired amount or layout to proceed.

Step 3

You have now finished selecting which product you want to order, to complete the process select either "get Instagram images" or "upload".

Step 4

log into your Instagram account in order to select the images you want for printing. If you do not have an Instagram account simply select "upload" and you will be asked to select images from either your PC folder or mobile gallery,

Step 5

click "add to cart" to fill out your delivery details and method of delivery. We have multiple payment options using secure gateways.

Step 6

You FINISHED 🙂 Go out and have some fun while we put your prints together at our studio. There will be a knock at your door in no time!

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